Our Internet was out

IMG_8501.jpgI have taken on a 2nd job (just 1/4 time!) Because you know, crazy people like to stay that way! Ha! So I am currently also working with Prolead.

And I LOVE it!
These people are leaders among leaders! They are the ones teaching hundreds of people here in our city how to become solutions for the companies where they work.

Prolead is flipping culture on its head! Bringing in the ways of the kingdom in the most practical and life changing ways. Teaching personal power and responsibility, how business really functions and how to be a good boss.

I’m going to write MUCH more about this in the future.

But YESTERDAY afternoon
I was supposed to begin training all the coaches on our Culture Workshop. This is when we are hired to take companies through the “Culture Shifting” aspect of Business Rehabilitation.

And the internet was down. And all my preparation for this meeting was down with it.
I was 10 seconds from cancelling the meeting when this still small voice decided to frisbee with friendsconsult heaven.

Quick prayer: What should I do? Can you give me a plan that doesn’t involve my screen? Is that even possible?

The plan Popped into my head.
1. Grab the Frisbee. Take everyone to the big empty building. Start slinging it around.
2. Play hide and seek. (yep. That’s when I knew it was a legit plan from Heaven because I would never think of hide and seek all by myself.)
3. Go to a local restaurant and order some ice cream and observe the staff. Guess the culture of the company by how the staff interact with each other and act toward us.

PRO TIP: when lost, consult heaven. Heaven stands on the ready with crazy out of the box ideas.

Full disclosure: we did #1 and #2, we laughed and ran and got pretty sweaty! But did not have time for #3. Instead we took turns having each team member stand in front of the group while everyone took a turn saying what we like about them. It was good stuff.

Then we talked about how that felt.
Then we talked about the kind of culture Prolead has built over the years. ( thanks to Rachel Greene and Beaver Brooks)

Then Reggie said a profound thing. He said, this was a great day because it taught him that Teaching Culture isn’t something we sit down and write in our books. Culture is something we experience and practice daily.

Play and Joy can create a culture of people who will work harder than you can imagine to make their company Succeed.

Sometimes you just need the Internet to be out to remember.

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