Anger, faithful friend.

O Anger, faithful friend!  When people do bad things to us, and it hurts like hell, you come. Always. You show up quickly, because you know what we feel. You just know. You are our friend in battle, you presence tells others to stay back. Most people are scared of your hot tempter and strong words. People keep their distance when you are in the house.
I think its ok for you to come and sit on the porch a while. You help us process what we have been through.  You help us feel the feelings.
But friend, you don’t get to live here. I know that is always disappointing to you. So disappointing.
But the truth is, if i let you stay, i have to move someone out to make space for you. You insist you won’t take up much room. ” i’ll just sleep on the couch, don’t worry” you say to me so generously.
But we both know the truth. If you come in, you start leaving your socks in th


e bathroom and your dirty dishes in the sink. You spread out into every room.
And before we know it….Love and Humility and Vulnerability and Kindness and Generosity have all shrunk back and some are even camping in the back yard…because ultimately you take over the whole house.
So faithful friend, Anger. Thanks for showing up. Thanks for wanting to protect me from ever getting hurt again. Thanks for offering to build a solid wall around me. 
But in a few days, you’re going to have to pack your overnight bag and head out.
Though your company feels so good when i am broken and my heart is smashed to pieces, you can’t move in.
You can’t live here.

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