big question monday: transform

fullsizeoutput_3764A few weeks ago Big Question Monday was about the word” Transform”.   We talked about what the word means.

Many gave examples of things that transform in life…caterpillars to butterflies, clay to beads, scraps to blankets.  So then we asked, what do we carry, as individuals, that can be transformed this year. 2018.

we went around the circle…we leaned in to listen

it is no small thing for people to actually recognize the gifts they carry.

it is a fragile searching. almost like one needs permission to peek.

to see the AMAZING within.

IMG_2475The glory was watching the shy ones almost painfully put forth what they know of their capacity and wisdom, and to watch their colleagues affirm it.

to let them know that we see it too.

it is true.

Being a part of this growing company is one of the greatest honors of my life.  But this is so much more than that.

we’re being transformed

by the grace of God

in our midst.






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