BOP and the Casserole Basket

bascasswide_1024x1024In 2012 my son, Taylor Brooks and i went to a business conference in Chicago.

It was here that i first learned the term the BOP.  Bottom of the Pyramid. Basically when we look at the worlds’ wealth we see its distribution looks like this.


According to wikipedia  “The bottom of the pyramid… is the largest, but poorest socio-economic group. In global terms, this is the 2.7 billion people who live on less than $2.50 a day.”

Daily two things drive me.

  1. on earth as it is in heaven
  2. shifting the shape of this chart

We are a part of a massive movement: From Aid to Trade, that is going to shift the shape in a big way.

And, you, dear friends, are the ones that make this happen. I am a mere pawn!

I don’t have a choice. I know too much to do any other work with this space in my life.  But the truth is that it is you, the friends and partners of 2nd Story Goods are the the ones that are making the real difference.basket maker and Ariel

See, if we here in Haiti make all the pretty baskets in the world, but we don’t have people  like you that use your purchasing power to buy them for your stores or buy them as gifts, we won’t change the shape of that chart.  We can’t.

But we are! Ever so slightly we are! Because clearly that shape matters to a whole bunch of us in the world today.


I know that is a lengthy intro to this beautiful Casserole Basket.  It is lovely and a great value just as it is!  A hand woven, practical piece of art!

Long story short, you can buy these great baskets now here:

And we’ll keep doing our part to let you know what we’re making here and together we’ll keep working on that chart.

Much love friends!


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